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Wishing and Hoping and Praying

From the instant we became conscious, we have been in an environment that responds to our every thought every emotion with the answer yes.  As children we seem to be exempt from the cause and effect rule of this place; many who have noticed this say that “God takes care of fools and babies”. At some point, which differs for everyone, we enter a time where we become responsible for our choices. An interesting things happens in that magical moment. We begin queuing up wishes, demands, desires whatever you want to call them.

Universal Provider

The universe is designed to provide everything we choose. I am using the word choose over want or desire for one reason. We must choose to receive and we must affirm that choice multiple times. Many authors have discussed this point, from Abraham Hicks ( cue drum beats) to Lao Tzu. What I want to remind people of here is that what we affirm repeatedly we get. This give us an understanding that sometimes I have been guilty of missing. In this place we find ourselves there are rules, “Some can be bent, Others can be broken”, and for the average person those two things are not an option. They find themselves constrained by the rules of this place.

Cause and Effect.

We are all very well aware of the rule of cause and effect. I would offer that this time in history is obsessed with exploring it. One example is the Red-Light Camera System. We (in many places) have collectively decided that people who run red lights simply must face the consequences.   This is an example of a universal rule playing out in a mundane fashion here and now.  In this example a person runs a red light and several days later receives the ticket ( lets ignore for my purposes the accuracy of such systems please) . Since we have time and space here we also have duration.  Some causes create near term effects and some long-term. Conception happens in an instant, birth follows on ( in humans) about 9 months later, and parental responsibility follow for a longer time still.

We all accept that some effects have their durations and in general we don’t think much of it. That is until we begin to seek to change our lives. Whether we call it magnetism, Law of Attraction, The Secret, or what have you once we begin to suspect that we have an ability to change our lives in a profound way we begin to chafe.


We have been using the rules all our lives without understanding them, much as a child of today begins using a computer without having a clue how they came into being. We are all children in some fashion and that brings with it some idealization. I want to communicate that while Yes the LOA (I use law of attraction more often than not) does exist we have to remember that we have been using it since we began to feel the effects of our choices. It then follows that we have a pipeline of choices that are playing out cause and effect that we simply must endure , we made the choices and we cannot in our infancy bend or break the rules.  We simply must endure the effects of our cause.


Most effects beget new cause. Think about that for a minute, Cause, Thirst, Effect, Obtain thirst quenching fluid,cause full bladder, effect empty bladder. Since that is the case how to we escape the loop we find ourselves in to get to another reality? Pause. Stop, Cease movement. While is it possible to make a 90 degree turn at 45 miles an hours it is generally considered a great way to flip your vehicle, and possibly cause death. So you stop then execute the turn. the same principle applies here. You have to stop at least in the early days of your practice to actually make a shift or a turn.  Once you come to a full stop it becomes easy to navigate the change.


Who wants to stop, no one really wants to stop. Most of us will use language which seems to indicate that we have no Choice in the matter. DON’T GET ME STARTED. We choose not to choose to stop is the reality. WE are invested in seeing our choices be correct after all we choose them. What we need to realize is that we chose them in ignorance ( If i knew them what i know now….. ) so why would we want to resist something we have now realized will make our lives better, I am not advocating stupidity, some choices you should not undo even if you made them wrongly to begin with. However many choices we can and should remake and for most of us that means letting go of the stubborn desire to make wrong right.

Bottom line.

I once heard it said that you must slow down to speed up. At the time I thought the concept was OK but how to apply it to my daily life confounded me. Now i realize that is takes discipline, and an iron will. I also know that the first step is the hardest and I can tell you form my own experience that subsequent steps are progressively easier to take and require less energy , discipline, or will power. It is worth taking each and every step. Your reality will thank you


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