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OK. So here it is.

I am a spiritual being. I have not wanted to be one most of my life, in fact i have run from it all my life. However it seems the divine is showing “Jonah and the Whale” on the Goins drive in theater and i humbly bow my head.

I thought it was enough to acknowledge my skills and understand them and use them for personal acquaintances and myself, however the clarion call is

Cast my bread upon the waters.

SO i will start here, most of you know me, and you know i am a practical hard science kind of guy. I much prefer physical answers to things like cell biology and electro-chemical signaling. That does lead to the acknowledgment of Acupuncture and then to meridians and then to the energetic body as a whole and then to how the brain manipulates emotions and auras etc….

I have envisioned myself becoming a Naturopath and holistic energy practitioner, later, not now. I dont know enough and i dont have all the letters behind my name and and and

the whale…..

SO here is the deal.

I offer my services to anyone here who wants/needs them. There will be a confidentiality agreement as well as a small fee for services rendered.

I work with 2 flavors of Reiki. In Kundalini Reiki I have certified Mastery and in Usui Reiki ( traditional ) I have attained mastery but have not been certified. I also use a personal form of energy manipulation.
I read Tarot Cards and have several decks, and with some persons no medium is required.

I have experience with many modalities and find the pearls from each.

If I cant work with you I will say so.

I have spent time learning to separate myself from my “client” and unless our situations are very very similar I can promise that I wont be working on your problem to work on mine.

I will not provide therapeutic advice as that is the purview of certified, licensed, providers, and I am not. However i do have advice to give and you may feel it is wise or you may chose to ignore it.

I wish you all light and wholeness.


you may email me at themysticshaman@gmail.com


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