OK. So here it is.

I am a spiritual being. I have not wanted to be one most of my life, in fact i have run from it all my life. However it seems the divine is showing “Jonah and the Whale” on the Goins drive in theater and i humbly bow my head.

I thought it was enough to acknowledge my skills and understand them and use them for personal acquaintances and myself, however the clarion call is

Cast my bread upon the waters.

SO i will start here, most of you know me, and you know i am a practical hard science kind of guy. I much prefer physical answers to things like cell biology and electro-chemical signaling. That does lead to the acknowledgment of Acupuncture and then to meridians and then to the energetic body as a whole and then to how the brain manipulates emotions and auras etc….

I have envisioned myself becoming a Naturopath and holistic energy practitioner, later, not now. I dont know enough and i dont have all the letters behind my name and and and

the whale…..

SO here is the deal.

I offer my services to anyone here who wants/needs them. There will be a confidentiality agreement as well as a small fee for services rendered.

I work with 2 flavors of Reiki. In Kundalini Reiki I have certified Mastery and in Usui Reiki ( traditional ) I have attained mastery but have not been certified. I also use a personal form of energy manipulation.
I read Tarot Cards and have several decks, and with some persons no medium is required.

I have experience with many modalities and find the pearls from each.

If I cant work with you I will say so.

I have spent time learning to separate myself from my “client” and unless our situations are very very similar I can promise that I wont be working on your problem to work on mine.

I will not provide therapeutic advice as that is the purview of certified, licensed, providers, and I am not. However i do have advice to give and you may feel it is wise or you may chose to ignore it.

I wish you all light and wholeness.


you may email me at themysticshaman@gmail.com


As I have been focused on my health for a very long time and have tried eating every which way imaginable This is a question that keeps coming up.

What IS a healthy diet?

Mainstream media would have you believe that focusing on specific items is the key to success in this area. Traditional medical advice would have you focus on “diet and exercise” neatly sidestepping the question altogether. Nutritionists would have you focus on calories. AgroBiz, which if we are being honest really controls what America and the World at large eats, only provide you with shelf stable, marketable and fashionable foods ( and now a WORD from our SPONSOR ).


It doesn’t. not one interest group above has any vested interest in your health, just their pocketbooks, and in all fairness that IS the way it should be. We live in a capitalist society and we base our lives on the transference of energy/money as our primary method of existence. So don’t expect anyone to have your back, it is not the game we agreed to play.

So what about it? what is healthy? is it Vegan? is it Paleo? is it Jenny Craig, or any other named “diets” which happen to work for someone smart and savvy enough to market the hell out of it?

I say no! and for that matter HELL NO!!! ( and this is if you have not figured it out yet and OP/ED piece)

A Healthy diet is one that provides your body what it needs to continue all metabolic processes….. period.

For the last several months I have struggled with explaining to people what food really is and what it isn’t.  Most of us don’t know who made our food, don’t know where it comes from, and most of us don’t want to know. Like children we demand that our parents ( Agrobiz ), put things we like on our plate and don’t ask us to wash the dishes, McDonald’s gladly obliges. Like children we refuse to take responsibility for ourselves or our health and we trust someone who’s focus is their own pocketbook to give a damn about us and our health. I don’t know about you but I don’t know my neighbor on the other block well enough to care if he is eating right, how do you expect Monsanto or Cargill to care about you or your children.

Food is simple. It grows alone in the wild without intervention. If we choose to cultivate it we need to respect its boundaries or it quickly becomes not food. Example? Spelt, now called and ancient grain, was once all that wheat was. we didn’t like ti the way it was and so we modified it. All well and good, until we turned it into something that compromises our immune systems and causes more damage than health. Potato’s are nightshades and thus deadly poison, but since we eat the tubers we forget about these things.

So much of what we value about “food” is taste, but not nutrition.  I didn’t create the rules but apparently taste was a secondary consideration to the upkeep and health of the human body..

Over the last several months I have been learning via trial and error what can and cannot be used for health in my body and one thing i have noticed. As i am only eating real food i note that there is no way for me to take in all the nutrients i need from food and over eat. There i not enough time in the day or room in the belly for such nonsense.

So when you are looking for the healthy way to eat know that it is not what society at large wants from you but what you body needs in order to survive, in order to thrive.

Then make the hard choice to treat yourself right and eat real food.


Today I have booked a 100.2 pound exorcism. HGC has provided me a took i was never able to accomplish on my own and thank god I was humble(d) enough use it.

Thank You

Mobile blogging

Due to continuous hardware failures I have a new phone. It is a droid phone. So I expect more biff posts now that I am mobile

How you do this is up to you. Remember that you are a child of the universe/planet/divine/god. “God never made any junk” You are precious, unique, divine. How can that be expressed in anything so mundane as a dress size, as a scale number. It cannot. America is the new Sparta and we are condemned for not measuring up to a mythical standard of beauty. We are also condemned for not being massively wealthy, the best chef, the best dressed, the most popular. These are all affectations that we must internally overcome to mature and to live the life we were created to live.

To thine own self be true. This is the path that call us all, we here express that through a need , hunger , desire to manifest a more “healthy” version of ourselves. No one else can define that , no one else can see that, this is our cross to bear. WE have all succeeded at more than we even understand how to give ourselves credit for and we will continue to achieve lofty heights as we move forward.

The Divine light in me recognizes the Divine light in you.
May you cultivate Peace
May you cultivate Joy
May you cultivate Love

Be watching over the next few months there will be less of me around 🙂

Tattered Rags

We all inherit a story.  Sometimes the story is just what we wanted and it feels like a comfortable robe or warm blanket. Other times it feels like a straight jacket. After reading one of my favorite authors I realize that mine feels most like tattered rags that have been heaped upon me. I have kept them on because I didn’t know any better and because I thought they were mine.

The abuse I suffered is not my story it is my mothers, her mothers. The neglect I endured is not my story it belongs to a community who only knew how to fail its members. The abandonment I wept for is not my story it is the story of a father who lost his dear mother just as he was beginning a family of his own.

So much of what I have carried around as MY STORY really isn’t which explains why I have been so reticent to share it, to discuss it, to OWN IT.

When I meet new people I do not want to discuss my past, my history, to me it is just a bunch of horrible things that tarnish any connection I could have with this person. Worse by sharing that story I tend to draw into my personal life those who resonate most strongly with it and while that is great for those who need to hear it and my triumph over it most of the time I have attracted “Abusive Neglectful Abandoner’s”

I am not proud of MY STORY either. It never gives me satisfaction to realize that DESPITE all that has occurred in my life I am a well adjusted relatively sane individual. I simply cannot embrace that truth in the same manner as it looks to the outside world, as a major triumph. Today, I finally understand why that is.

IT IS NOT MY STORY; It never was.

All that identifying with the story I was handed has done is distracted me from my own story. The one I should be Living, the one i should be Telling. I have spent so much time overwhelmed by what are admittedly horrid circumstances and situations, that I never took the opportunity to live my life. I have substituted truly living for being a voyeur of my own life. From an early age I spent my own free time buried in books, substituting what I read for what I wanted to do. During those formative years I was too busy surviving to even contemplate thriving, in the later years I simply recreated my early existence. Over the last bit I have been wandering in circles trying to find meaning in a story that was never mine to begin with.

I suppose that some may read this and feel that I have simply found a way to ignore the past with a delusion. Perhaps. ( that is what all of us do whether we realize it or not, some people call it re-framing…..). However in my innards I know that there is a difference.  Just like I know the difference from the definition and clinical explanation of forgiveness and the actual reality of forgiveness.

From this point I must create my story. one that does make me proud, one that inspires me. I must throw off these tattered rags to find the emperors new clothes I know are underneath.

May I live in interesting times!